Poster/Sign - Social Distancing

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12x18 Poster or Sign (Your Choice)

     -Printed One-sided

Material Options:

Poster (Card Stock)

     -Meant for Indoors

Coroplast (Corrugated Plastic)

     -Comes with a ground stake

     -Standard Election/Contractor Material


PVC 3Mil

     -Can be Screwed to a wall

     -Indoor/Outdoor Material

    -Smooth Surface

PVC 6Mil

     -Can be Screwed to a wall/post

     -Indoor/Outdoor Material

    -Smooth Surface

    -Twice as thick as 3Mil

    -Thick enough to stay on it's own

      without back support


    -Typical material used for parking/road signs

    -Has Holes for Easy Mounting

    -Indoor/Outdoor Material

    -Smooth Surface

    -Corners are Rounded


    -Increases the life of the product

   -Makes product more Fade Resistant

   -Gives a nice glossy finish

   -Makes indoor posters usable outdoors

   -Can be added to any product

 # Per Pieces Per Pack:

This is how many come in one order...

     more pieces per pack is less per piece.

If you select 5 pieces per pack for example,

     you only need Quantity "1" and you get

     5 pieces.